We want you to experience more.

The team at IVI is committed to finding the best events and experience in your area – that you’ll actually want to do. To us, finding what specific to you matters a lot. We’re not a one-size fits all kind of crew.

Our Values

We care about being in alignment with our bigger vision.
Everything we do, build, and promote is cross-checked against our carefully crafted core values.


Giving you all the control is one of our #1 priorities at IVI. We want you to know where your information is and where it’s going at all times rada. We’ll always be upfront with you.


We love a good hustle. Each person who works on the IVI team has the figure-it-out mentality and is willing to do what it takes – even if it means diving into the unknown.


Above all, we are here because we are passionate. We want to live life large and our hope is that you do the same as well.


Collect experiences, not things. We don’t want to daydream and scroll through Instagram longing to live life… we are ready to seize that life that’s waiting – right now!


We know nothing big happens without a team. Teamwork takes effort, lowering egos, and openness. At IVI, we will never stop collaborating to keep innovating for our users.


Your word (and your actions) are your worth. We only work with people who are impeccable with their word, reliable, and trustworthy.