You’re in control
of your data

Our commitment to safe data:

We take your privacy seriously. In fact, our core tenants as a service are founded on honesty and integrity – which we uphold through absolute transparency to you After all, you are the reason why IVI was founded in the first place.

Everything you need to know about our privacy commitments is detailed below to ensure that IVI, our partners, and any affiliated entities adhere to the same rigorous standards.

i. Absolute Transparency

IVI does collect data from you while using our service. Although almost all of the data we collect does not contain any personal information about you, some data we collect requires that we do.

ii. Non-Personal Data

IVI anonymously (as in completely) records data from you as you interact with the events featured on our website and app. This data is kept in your account and used exclusively to find events and places that are more relevant to you, based on your interests. A copy of this type of data is also kept in our universal database, as we use this information to help improve our service and form collective insights. We may share this data only in the form of general insights as it falls under our two core purposes: to connect you with your world and to improve our communities.

iii. Personal Data

IVI records personal data in three ways:
    a. Creating a Personal Profile
    b. Connecting your Profile to your friends (Optional)
    c. To RSVP for an Event
In short, A and B can be deleted by you at any time, and we will never copy, record, or share this information anywhere else. For RSVP Data, please see Our Partners.

iv. Our Partners

Some events require you to RSVP to attend. While any host can create an event, only an IVI Verified Partner can require you to RSVP. Any transaction involving purchasing a ticket or reserving your attendance will record the bare minimum information needed to identify you and will be shared only with the Partner Host for that specific event.

v. Our Responsibility

We assume all responsibility for any data you provide us directly, and we respect your privacy above all else. Additionally, we hold our partners accountable to the same standard. The only limit to our responsibility is for data provided directly to another party, and we hope you’ll understand that we have no control over that. You are the reason for IVI, and we are so grateful to have you here.